Watson & Mayberry

Handmade goods to accompany you on your grand adventures.

"Handmade goods to accompany you on your grand adventures."

Who We Are

We are a "mom & pop" shop based in a suburb outside of Seattle, Washington. What began as a hobby at a small table at a local farmer's market has grown to be a passion & sustaining presence of the Sheraton family (pictured above). Working from a studio in their home, Steph is able to care for their babies while providing income for their family & fulfillment of her passion as a maker.


What We Do

At Watson & Mayberry, we take pride in constructing neat, handmade goods from primarily repurposed materials. Each of our pieces has a story to tell and a remnant of anticipation for further story-making. Our bags & pieces are one-of-a-kind, each rich in history, & ready to co-pilot you through the best & the toughest of days (for both do surely come). Our hope is that in the moments where legends are born, the stories we’ll tell our babies as we tuck them in at night take place, the flashes that will define us happen- that we will get to be there giving you courage.

We can only hope that when opportunity comes-a-knockin’, you’re brave enough to answer. We’ll hold your chap stick for you.

Cheers to your grand adventure! It’d be an honor to accompany you. 

Hooray for today!


The Story

“Watson adored Mayberry the very moment they met. A simple moment it was, but 2 lifetimes it would change. Together they fell in love fast but they chose to fall in love long as well. Old souls but unafraid to leave their creature comforts, they embarked on a lifetime of adventure & swore to one another that their story would be one for the ages. One of passion, adventure, & void of regret. Home would be wherever their hands could touch. They were driven by urgency of the knowledge that they’d only get one lifetime with the ones they loved. Thus they knew that the most dreadful of all things to waste would be time.

Together they embarked & together they journeyed, all the time gathering stories & tokens of their travels. In one instance, an intricate doily, hand-made by the dearest of women they met @ a quaint bed & breakfast they’d return to many times. Another time it was a cowhide bomber jacket in the richest leather & most perfect shade of cowboy brown that they scooped up on a memorable weekend. Though all these things were simply that: “things,” they held priceless memories. They could only hope that as their days drew to a close, the significance of such items, the history, could live on.“