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Sunday morning coffee & donuts

Steph SheratonComment
Grabbing coffee & donuts @ Fix Coffee House 

Grabbing coffee & donuts @ Fix Coffee House 

A long time ago, I remember feeling like God was challenging me to trust Him with my heart. Sounds whimsical, right? And if you're not religious it might sound downright weird. Fair enough. If you hang around any crew long enough, you start to pick up their lingo & the same can be true of the Christian church. Sorry:). For me, trusting God with my heart is to trust him w/ the core of who I am: my hopes, dreams, desperate passions- the details of my life. Back then they were fears of a college girl- “Will I ever get married? Will I be loved? Fulfilled? Do something significant with my life? “ And yet here we are years later- same question. But nowadays it looks a bit dfferent.


You see, at the wee hour of 12:11 a.m., tossing & turning, unable to fall asleep & allowing my mind to wander to all things here & there, I’m thinking about tomorrow. Picturing what tomorrow morning will hold: Like most Sunday mornings, it'll be coffee & donuts w/ my 2 healthy, vibrant babies before we join my husband at church where he'll have already been preparing & greeting for several hours. On Sundays the babies & I (often w/ friends & family) like to frequent local coffee & donut shops, finding new interesting cubbies in our city & new fav local haunts. "Maybe we'll walk to Broadcast Coffee where they have the donuts Tuck likes & the coffee I love. Maybe we'll wander down to Green Lake to Fix Coffee House where it's always busy & the people watching can be stellar. Or maybe it'll rain so we'll drive down to Whole Foods (where i can park my car in the free garage so we don't get wet unloading everyone from the car- GLORY!!) & I can get the baby scrambled eggs from the hot bar..." Such little, seemingly meaningless things, but these very things i'm realizing are everything. You see, I’ve just now realized that these simple Sunday mornings are in fact what I have dreamed of my whole life. Like- literally- this is it. I'm here. It's the abundance of love, of grace, of family I had always hoped for. I laid in bed tonight scrolling pictures on my phone- seeing the changes in my babies over even the last few months. My chest got tight. I could barely breath, overwhelmed with how much I love these precious babes in my care.


Yet here I am all these years later- same question: “Do you trust me with your heart?” Sure I do. But here’s the thing- game changer: My heart is so much THEM. My heart is my dreamy three year old son Tucker who’s footsteps padding across the kitchen floor when he’s coming to find me first thing when he wakes in the morning is a sound I’ll never forget. That little boy who finishes the songs I’m humming, always steals the last bites of my snacks (& laughs uncontrollably about it), who’s concerned for the feelings & well-being of the people around him. At three years old he gets that its important for the people around him to know they’re loved. My heart is my scrunchy-faced perma-smiler Penelope, only 9 months old but absolutely flawless, brave, & like waking up to Christmas morning everyday. Soft, warm cheeks, that press into my neck & chest when she’s being shy; eyes that light up when she sees her daddy- just like he’s always dreamed they would. Tiny, perfect dimpled hands, stronger that anyone would expect- I literally can not put into words how precious their tiny souls are too me. I value them before my life with zero consideration. I don’t fear for my life or safetly for the sake of that in itself but b/c I think “If I’m gone, will they be loved well? No one will love them like I do.”


Years ago before I had babies, I was making my mom a scrapbook & ran across a quote. Back then I found it to be cheeky & charming, but now it downright terrifies me:

“Making the decision to have a child- it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.”
— Elizabeth Stone

So sure God- I trust you. You have my heart & my attention- I understand that I'm not just a mom but that I have my own unique hopes & desires to deal with. But the real challenge now a days & true test of the depth of that trust is if i trust you with THEM. Do i truly? Helicopter mom tendencies & all aside? God, can you love them as wholly as I do? Do you have their best interests in mind? Will your heart hurt when you see their tender heart has been hurt by another silly little kid on th playground? Will you notice when Tuck is needing comfort & drawn near to him? Will you see the treasure that is our darling Penelope & protect her? I don't know if you're cut out for the job... surely no one can love them better than me.


Oh wait.


Except YOU.


After all:

Who better to protect our hearts than the one who made them & loves them most. 


Xoxo, S


"These are a few of my favorite things..."

Favorite ThingsSteph SheratonComment

I spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning my home. But here's the thing: if you dropped in on me? I'd probably be embarrassed by the toys strewn across the floor, dishes in the sink, & a pile of clean laundry on the couch waiting to be folded. The second everything is in it's place, the counter tops wiped, & maybe even the victory lighting of my favorite Anthropology Volcano candle- IT happens. THEY want to play again. THEY want dinner. The nerve, right?! I follow a wonderful mama on Instagram, @mytinytribe . She's a cali native, mama to 3 girls, & what intrigues me about her is that she's a minimalist. She quoted a statistic a few weeks back that families who choose to live with "less stuff" spend 40% less time on housework. This struck a nerve with me. I'm a work-from-home-mama, a wife to visionary, hard-working pastor, & an individual who thrives on having purpose. That 40% less, whether that be even just an extra 5 minutes a day should be spent having face time with my kids. It should be spent growing & engaging the business & dream I love. Reading. A million different things.

I'm not a minimalist. I would probably freak out in a home w/ no pictures of our family displayed, not a single vintage book w/ a beautiful aged color on it's spine, & no egg basket filled w/ a few of my favorite cook books & some jadeite. I want my home to be refreshing. I want it to be "us." I've come to a place in my life where I want less "stuff" & instead, a few favorites. I'll trade my collection of 8 flannels I like for 2 that I love & feel killer in.

This has begun a long & slow process in my home & in my life to eliminate the clutter & narrow down our life to things we truly love. OUT w/ the cluttered basket of random kid toys & puzzles missing pieces & IN to a few classics my babes can find easily & engage with daily. When I say it's been a slow process, it's because it's not a journey just for me. My toddler & baby are growing by the day & their clothing & entertainment need are changing frequently as well. My husband has a right to what he want to keep & what he can let go of. It's OUR home. But you guys- I'm just So. Over. Stuff. 

I'll continue to share this process here w/ ya'll as I grow & learn & stretch, but for now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things. I had so many clothes when I started this process that i'd actually forget what I had & would be pleasantly surprised when I'd find a cool shirt squished in the back of my drawer I'd forgotten about. I want to know what I have & use it wisely. The rest I don't need! So here are a few of my current favs; things I use & wear frequently & things I love. Enjoy!!


*BDG Olly Flannel Shirt (currently on sale for $39!!) This was a Christmas gift from my hubbs & I may or may not have worn it over Christmas weekend for 3... maybe 4 days in a row. It's that perfect. & don't judge my lack of showering- it was Christmas break so i took a break:D


*Free People Grey Sweater Leggings: (currently unavailable but here's a similar pair. Bought mine for $30 & wear them All. The. Time.)


*Free People Voile & Lace Trapeze Slip: This piece was a splurge when I had some fun mull come in. Worth. Every. Penny. It's divine on it's own or layered with chunky sweaters. Even under thermals & flannels! I picked mint- no shocker. LOVE. Shop the link below:


*Slouchy Tribal Sweater: Brand: Koto. Scored it @ a consignment store but this brand carries tons similar & available ones online! Urban Outfitters carries the brand as well.

*Steve Madden Tribal Moccasin Booties: I bought these YEARS ago & I can't believe I haven't completely run them into the ground. I'm also not sure what i'll do when I eventually wear 'em out or have finally spilled one too many iced espressos on them! Available online through diff vendors- give 'em a Google!