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A Weekend @ Sheraton Post

Steph Sheraton

Since long before we even began dating, Matt's favorite place has been this secret camping spot @ Baker Lake. We came here w/ friends back in those days, but now along w/ the friends we bring our own babes. Miles down a gravel road & lakeside, far from cell phone reception & with no (ahem) restrooms or running water, our little family makes its way here every year.

We took our first camping trip of the summer this past weekend. The weather was stunning- refreshing & warm, the lake crystal clear & still. We explored. We ate, We hiked. We fished. We kayaked & boated. We snuggled. We laughed. We cooked. We built forts. We took walks. We checked nothing off our constant to-do lists. We soaked in the silence. We came home reeking of campfire & dirt, my family tanner & myself more freckled:). We were reminded why these weekend are so precious to us.

Here's a few photo captures of our perfectly imperfect weekend. Now back to sewing!!

Xoxo, S:)