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"These are a few of my favorite things..."

Favorite ThingsSteph SheratonComment

I spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning my home. But here's the thing: if you dropped in on me? I'd probably be embarrassed by the toys strewn across the floor, dishes in the sink, & a pile of clean laundry on the couch waiting to be folded. The second everything is in it's place, the counter tops wiped, & maybe even the victory lighting of my favorite Anthropology Volcano candle- IT happens. THEY want to play again. THEY want dinner. The nerve, right?! I follow a wonderful mama on Instagram, @mytinytribe . She's a cali native, mama to 3 girls, & what intrigues me about her is that she's a minimalist. She quoted a statistic a few weeks back that families who choose to live with "less stuff" spend 40% less time on housework. This struck a nerve with me. I'm a work-from-home-mama, a wife to visionary, hard-working pastor, & an individual who thrives on having purpose. That 40% less, whether that be even just an extra 5 minutes a day should be spent having face time with my kids. It should be spent growing & engaging the business & dream I love. Reading. A million different things.

I'm not a minimalist. I would probably freak out in a home w/ no pictures of our family displayed, not a single vintage book w/ a beautiful aged color on it's spine, & no egg basket filled w/ a few of my favorite cook books & some jadeite. I want my home to be refreshing. I want it to be "us." I've come to a place in my life where I want less "stuff" & instead, a few favorites. I'll trade my collection of 8 flannels I like for 2 that I love & feel killer in.

This has begun a long & slow process in my home & in my life to eliminate the clutter & narrow down our life to things we truly love. OUT w/ the cluttered basket of random kid toys & puzzles missing pieces & IN to a few classics my babes can find easily & engage with daily. When I say it's been a slow process, it's because it's not a journey just for me. My toddler & baby are growing by the day & their clothing & entertainment need are changing frequently as well. My husband has a right to what he want to keep & what he can let go of. It's OUR home. But you guys- I'm just So. Over. Stuff. 

I'll continue to share this process here w/ ya'll as I grow & learn & stretch, but for now, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things. I had so many clothes when I started this process that i'd actually forget what I had & would be pleasantly surprised when I'd find a cool shirt squished in the back of my drawer I'd forgotten about. I want to know what I have & use it wisely. The rest I don't need! So here are a few of my current favs; things I use & wear frequently & things I love. Enjoy!!


*BDG Olly Flannel Shirt (currently on sale for $39!!) This was a Christmas gift from my hubbs & I may or may not have worn it over Christmas weekend for 3... maybe 4 days in a row. It's that perfect. & don't judge my lack of showering- it was Christmas break so i took a break:D


*Free People Grey Sweater Leggings: (currently unavailable but here's a similar pair. Bought mine for $30 & wear them All. The. Time.)


*Free People Voile & Lace Trapeze Slip: This piece was a splurge when I had some fun mull come in. Worth. Every. Penny. It's divine on it's own or layered with chunky sweaters. Even under thermals & flannels! I picked mint- no shocker. LOVE. Shop the link below:


*Slouchy Tribal Sweater: Brand: Koto. Scored it @ a consignment store but this brand carries tons similar & available ones online! Urban Outfitters carries the brand as well.

*Steve Madden Tribal Moccasin Booties: I bought these YEARS ago & I can't believe I haven't completely run them into the ground. I'm also not sure what i'll do when I eventually wear 'em out or have finally spilled one too many iced espressos on them! Available online through diff vendors- give 'em a Google!