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Repurposing #allthethings & why I just can't stop.

Steph SheratonComment

In my last post, I mentioned how desperately I'm pursuing more simplicity in the everyday life of my family. Less "stuff" has been a huge component to that- less stuff & there's less to clean, fewer piles to lose things in & more appreciation for the things we do have- because we actually know what & where they are now. If it doesn't bring us joy or get used/worn regularly? Out it goes. (On that note- our George Foreman grill got donated this last week- forgot to run that one by ya, hubby- sorry!!:D)

Wednesdays are my work days. My precious mum-in-law Betty comes & scoops up our 2 babies & hands me a coffee in return. She's a saint, am i right?! I get 7 hours to sew goods, catchup on emails & do whatever else needs to be done. Here's the problem about working from home: I totally can't function in a messy space. It overwhelms me, stresses me out, & has to be taken care of before I can buck up and get s**t done. Any one else out there like me? Fist bumps all around. With a 9 month old & 3.5 year old constantly in tow, I can't afford to spend my one set work day cleaning the house. So this past Wednesday, I got so fed up w/ all the laundry piles in our bedroom that I went in, completely unemotionally attached to all my beautiful clothes & shoes, & filled a garbage bag in 10 mins. My mom would be appalled @ some of the things that went in that bag- heck- I was appalled. The majority of that bag went to my sweet friend Kels who posts the articles of clothing up on a consignment website & splits the dough w/ me- she's a saint as well. However, there were a few things from that bag I just couldn't bear to toss. So whats a girl w/ 2 growing babes & a sewing machine to do? Repurpose #allthethings into clothes for my kids! My chitlins get a new wardrobe without me spending a dime, I get to do something I love, & I can now actually slide the hangers in my closet around- this is huge, people! Win-Win for sure.

Repurposing has been something I've done for years- it's a huge part of how I started this business, as a matter of fact. I'd find really cool vintage leather bomber jackets & turn them into purses- a style that we still sell in our shop- the Lexa Bomber Bag. I'd find inspiration in all kinds of things- surplus duffle bags, vintage table clothes, even once a rad leather couch I deconstructed into purses- anything that made my heart pitter-patter i'd snag. A few years ago while prepping for his Easter Sunday sermon, our pastor asked if he could show one of my bags & share about my business. He was planning to preach on how God can repurpose our lives into something new & beautiful, regardless of what we have walked through & what we'd done. He can create beauty from ashes. He's into second chances. And thirds. And thirtieths. He shared one of my all time fav bags- a waxed canvas day duffle I'd constructed from a surplus tarp my husband snagged for me from a dumpster. He's the sexiest- I know:). It was that Easter morning sitting in a pew that it all clicked for me; why I get so much fulfillment from sewing- I'd even say it's refreshing for my soul. I connect with God when I create something beautiful- after all- it's what he's in the business of doing. I kid you not- sewing literally invigorates my soul. Who ever would have thought:).

Wanted to share a few closeups of pieces I constructed for my kids from this last batch of cleared out clothes, among them being tees for my toddler, rompers, blooms & a tunic t-shirt dress for my baby girl. On that note- if we made a listing in the shop for custom projects would anyone be interested? Like- send us your husband's old fav Tee & let us turn it into a romper for your new baby? That sort of thing- would love your thoughts in the comments:). Cheers!!